The passion and expertise of our members make us who we are – a vibrant and diverse worldwide community. And it is through our members we advance excellence, support innovation and shape the future of the Open Service Exchange Model.

Fibrewave powered by ViaEuropa, a Stockholm company that manages network services and infrastructure for 60 different Swedish cities that have their own fiber networks, assumes the job (from cities) of renting out capacity to multiple Internet service providers who compete to offer services to consumers.


Agile and efficient Telecom Consulting Engineering company with a powerful understanding of the telecoms industry gives the option of controlling the opportunities of revenue while having the option of creating unique offers, customised to suit customer needs.



ICTGLOBE is a 1st tier ICASA licensed Telecoms Service Provider. The Only End-To End Telecommunications Company With 3CX Distribution Rights For Africa. A Tier 1 operator and the owner of the network, allowing full control when it comes to building and maintaining the infrastructure.

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